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Sioux Falls

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About us

Our unbeatable process, team and execution delivers a 5-star experience every time. Scroll down to learn more about us and how we do it.


Our collaborative process to a 5-star experience

We are a DesignBuild firm. That means that unlike other Custom Home Builders, we collaborate with you from the very start in the design process which allows us to be on the same page before your drawings are completed.

Our DesignBuild collaborative method ensures that you get to walk away from the design phase with confidence and agreement on what is possible given your budget, timeline, and desired outcome.

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1. Getting to Know You

This step is where our in-house design/build team meets with you to discuss your needs, ideas, concerns, and priorities for the project.

2. Land Acquisition

We use our long-standing relationships with local real estate professionals to help you find the perfect lot and then be there to ensure the site is ideal for your needs.

3. Home Design

Our design/build team will create 3 conceptual 3D models that fit within all of your desired functions, design, and cost parameters.

4. Specifications Development

Your Project Estimator will catalog every component of the project specifications and place an estimated cost next to each.

5. The Build

Our Operations Manager. Selections Coordinator and Customer Success Coordinator will work with you hand in hand to ensure the build process goes smoothly.

We’re commited to 5-star client service

A custom home builder should put the client first at all times. After all, you, the client, are entrusting your builder with one of the biggest purchases of your life. When we measure success, it’s about our clients who want to recommend us to their family, and friends, not the number of projects completed or monuments built.


When we started our company, we dedicated ourselves to improving the lives of our Clients, our Communities and our Team. We are humbled and inspired by the families who have invited us into their lives to help create the home of their dreams.

We think what we do is much more than building homes: we are committed to creating special places, enhancing lives, and life experiences. Home is the place where great memories are made and dreams are fulfilled, and we are honored each and every time a client chooses to partner with our team in the homebuilding process.

We encourage you to talk to our clients to learn about their experiences, and we hope you will strongly consider our team as you look to build the home of your dreams.

With deepest respect,

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Dudley & Jesse Deffenbaugh

Deffenbaugh Homes
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Dudley Deffenbaugh :

Our Founder The founder’s touch

Dudley Deffenbaugh, the President of Deffenbaugh Homes, has over 40 years of construction expertise. Dudley has worked on every part of the construction process since beginning as a frame carpenter and later developing his talents as a builder and crew leader. In 2000, he launched Deffenbaugh Homes on his own.

Under his leadership and through his hard work, Deffenbaugh Homes became Sioux Falls’ leading luxury home builder as each custom build and remodeling project grew in complexity and size. He is currently in command of all the elements of his bespoke home projects and developments, having used these years of hands-on expertise to do so. Dudley has built more than 150+ custom build and remodeling projects in his career in the greater Sioux Falls area.

Dudley is passionate about his roots. Growing up in rural Herrick, SD on a dairy farm, Dudley still likes to remain close to home. Nowadays, he goes there to hunt on his family’s property along the Missouri River. He enjoys spending time with his wife, Shawna, granddaughter, and two dogs, Watson and Windsor.

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Our purpose

We have the honor of building our clients dreams, enhancing their lives, and our community.

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Our team

We strive to bring out the best in our people, achieve personal growth, and challenge ourselves to achieve the highest standards and success. Our Team Members are encouraged and have our full support to achieve their potential to positively affect other people’s lives, increase their own self-fulfillment, and enhance their own lives.

Our clients

We know our clients’ homes are the place where families join together to create memories. The homes we build are a symbol of craftsmanship, customer satisfaction, and our personal attention to detail. Providing a 5-Star experience and enhancing the lives of our clients is why we exist.

Our community

We are about more than just laying a solid foundation and building beautiful homes; we’re about community. We believe in giving back and helping worthy causes and charitable organizations. More than that, our Team is always happy to lend a hand to someone in need or make someone’s life better.

Meet our team

2022 Deffenbaugh Staff

Dudley Deffenbaugh

Co-Owner & Founder

2022 Deffenbaugh Staff

Jesse Deffenbaugh


2022 Deffenbaugh Staff

Lauren Denney

Architectural Designer

2022 Deffenbaugh Staff

Nickolas Burns

Business Development Manager

My project (11)

Cindy Nelson


2022 Deffenbaugh Staff

Kyle Finn

Project Manager

2022 Deffenbaugh Staff

Branden Hiles



Ashlyn Christenson

Project Coordinator

Ashley Gibson

Selections Coordinator

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